A Letter from your Feeder Birds

Natural food

 Greetings from nature! We know we haven't stopped by your birdfeeders much lately, but we wanted to let you know we're still out there, doing just fine, and thinking of you! The weather has been warm and dry and we're enjoying it as much as you are.

The summer has given us a bounty of natural foods for the taking. There are tons of insects like caterpillars, spiders, grasshoppers, ants, and beetles out there, and we hate to pass them up while they're available to us.

We're also finding lots of tree seeds and nuts, as well as fruits and berries.

So we haven't been in your yard much because we're filling up on the goodies in the wild. We did stop at your birdfeeding station last night at dusk, but we didn't see you around.  Sorry we missed you.

While we're not around as much, it's okay with us if you just fill your feeders halfway. We'll use them for one last nibble before we settle down for the night or when we pass through the neighborhood. Oh, and thanks for keeping the birdbath clean and filled. Will you have that open all winter?

We know that all these natural food sources will eventually deplete. ? We do check in on your yard occasionally so that when that time comes, we know where to find a reliable quality food source and some decent habitat to shelter us when the weather turns nasty.

Thanks again for all you do for us, even when we're not around that much. We'll remember that, and will be back in your yard before you know it! You're the best!
Please visit the store or call us to learn more about how to bring the birds back to your yard.