Wide Variety of Bird Baths and Water Accessories

Burley Clay

Give your birds a place to drink and clean their feathers. Our decorative bird baths are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are great for attracting birds not already visiting your feeders.

Aggregate and Cast Stone Bird Baths

Lily Pad Bird Bath

These durable baths range from the simplest of shapes to designs in sculpted concrete These baths must be brought inside in the winter as they will crack or chip if frozen. Or, ask about adding a bird bath de-icer.

Metal bird Baths

Light and durable, Metal Bird Baths make it easier for you to re-position your water source. These baths can be left out in freezing or frosty conditions without the fear of them cracking or chipping. The one shown to the right, has a cast aluminum top which means it will never rust.

Plastic Bird Baths

Made of durable plastic, this bath's sides are sloped so birds can move to their desired bathing depth. The texture of the dish provides grip for birds as they move through the water. They can be used in tall or short stands and most can easily accept Water Wigglers to keep the water moving, or heaters during winter.